Pets in Heaven is dedicated to the loving memory of my dear son Paul,
who passed away on 27th November, 2006, aged 19 years from Epilepsy.




You are my son, my mate, my number 1.   ~ forever in my heart ~

I know you are watching over Tyson and all the other 'fur babies'
who have passed away
And gone to play over the 'Rainbow Bridge'.

You are their shepherd and they are all your flock.
Look after them, nurture them, play with them
And guide them until we all meet again.

God bless




Meet Ian and Alysa Robinson. Ian is the proud owner and creator of Pets in Heaven, with his daughter Alysa assisting him.
They are a family run business continually building on trust, Dignity, compassion and true professionalism. They are dedicated
in giving you the highest level of service for your 'fur babies' final journey leaving you with beautiful visual memories of your
pet's final farewell.



Below is Ian's story from when he said his final farewell to his beloved boxer, Tyson, aged 9 years.



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