In Loving Memory

This page is open to anyone who has lost a loved pet and it
represents only a small percent of the many pet owners who have contacted
Pets In Heaven.

Also, I was sent this link below of a little movie made by a lovely lady called
Terri who has given me permission to share it with you all...before seeing
it, I would suggest you have your box of tissues ready ... it's really really lovely.




9th February 1997 ~ 16th March 2013

From the moment i saw you i was in love with you and your personality and i knew my life would never be the same.

Over the next 16 years you were there by my side winning over the hearts of even the strongest cat haters simply by being you...part lion, dog & human.

Not one day goes past where i dont wish to feel your paws on my bed, have you trying to steel whatever i was eating or our cuddles, but i know we will be together again.

My best friend, my 'Lion King' thank you for choosing me, coming into my world and making it whole.

I love you then, now & forever xx


For Mosca . Taken too soon! Aged 3 years old passed away peacefully on 29/3/2013

Lord take this pet if be at you will
So young and small and she's so ill
Don't let her suffer we ask you please
Take this little soul and put our mind at ease
Guide her to Heaven where she'll be home
With the other animals; she can play and roam
Playing all day up in the meadows above
Cradled in Your arms covered with Your love
With no more aches, No more pains
She'll play in bright sunshine, no more rain
We'll see her again we know we will
So take her Lord if it be your will



                    Farewell our wonderful faithful lad, Toffee . Devoted to his 3 boys Paul Alex and Mike. He loved to chase and try and catch the running water out of the garden hose, go for walks, eat anything and everything that dropped on the kitchen floor, actually any floor that food was dropped on...except onions, chase balls and never wanted to go out of the house once inside.
A wonderful dog, a wonderful loving pet who told me he was ready to let go at 15 years of age and did at home, in his kennel.
Zoe Peltekis, owner of Toffee.
           SABLE    1/10/1996-6/05/2013
Sable was my best friend and was sadly taken on the 6/05/2013. He was nearly 17 years old. I got Sable when he was six weeks old, so it is such a great loss to our family. Sable loved his walks every day and his favourite food was Smacko sticks.
He has helped me through so many times in my life. I will miss all of his love and affection that he gave me and my family. He was adored by all that who knew him. The house feels so lonely without him.
Sable will be forever in our hearts.
We miss you dearly and wish you were here.
I hope you are up there in Heaven playing with other dogs and that I will be with you again someday.
I will love you for all of Eternity.
Rest in Peace my friend,
Love Mum, Chris, Adam, Bob and Johanne. xxxxxxxxxxx

Here is a photo of our beloved Emmaline who was put to sleep - aged 15-1/2 yrs. 

Emmaline came to live with us at the age of 5, after her breeder was going to have her euthanized because she had had 3 caesarean sections (15 pups) and the Vet advised her no more.  Emmaline was the sweetest doggie - and she spent the next 10- 1/2  yrs with us - having long walks, sleeping with her mate Milly, and being much loved by everyone in our neighbourhood.  Emma had never been for a walk when we adopted her, and had slept in a cage with a bit of carpet over the top to keep out the cold.  She spent long hours sitting in front of our fire, eating large bowls of food, and running around in our lovely back yard.  
We will always miss her, but we were so blessed to have a wonderful Vet gently put her to sleep in her home, and then for Pets in heaven to gently remove her for her final journey.  Jill MacLeod



Our beautiful Benson aged 13 years of age passed away on the 18/09/12 after a short illness. From the day we brought him home as a 3month year old beagle  my husband and I kniew our lives would be changed for ever. He filled our days with so much love and laughter untill he fell ill.  He would often pinch the cats food off the table, growl at his brother Boston in an attempt to get his food, and often won.  I lost count on how many times he would pull the table clothe off our dining room table knowing food was usually to be found.  Benson had a crazy bark which cracked us up.  My family nick-named him "Bennybin Larden" and the name stuck. He could be stubborn from time to time, but that never stopped our enduring love for him.  He was never ever told to go in the naughty corner. He was just too loveable
We miss you so much Benson. You are not suffering anymore. 
R.I.P our darling little Benny,
Love Mum, Dad, Boston, Brocko and Choppa.







My beloved Maggie aged 15 years old. Passed away on Friday the 20th September 2013.

"See you in heaven little girl"





Jake (Our Jakey boy) 10.12.04- 1.1.13
Our Jakey Boy taken from us suddenly, So dearly loved, So Sadly missed.
8 years we spent together and not always fun (many plants, toys, shoes, gates destroyed) But at the end of the day he was one of a kind. Missing our morning chats and we all wish you were still here
Rest in Peace our beautiful boy Love you with all our hearts Love Julie, Wayne, Brittany, Bryce and Emily And your best-friend Bella xxxxx


Our Black Prince

Little KC


Our beautiful boy ''KC'' had the most loving and gentle nature. We shared a unique and strong bond with him and he enriched our lives. KC's mannerisms were extraordinary- known as the big boss man, he would supervise every situation, enjoyed drinking from the bathroom tap, sleeping between us, travelling in the car, protecting his cat family and his most beautiful trait was giving kisses to our faces. KC's favourite treat was chicken, and although he did not meow, he would let out a cute little sound.

KC the angels brought you to us and one day we will be re-united.

We take comfort that you will be in our hearts forever.

we love you and miss you KC our Darling Heart.

Mummy Wendy and Daddy Chris






Bonnie - Princess Puggles
19/10/2005 - 14/01/2013

Bonnie - You came into my life when I was just 17. By each others sides we've been through thick and thin.
Words are not enough to express my love to you. You were adored and loved so much and gave your family the most wonderful 7 years & although you were too young, you lived life to the fullest even when you lost your sight you soldiered on right up until it was time to set you free from pain I could not see.
You were a wonderful daughter, best friend and big sister to Tyson.

Come visit me whenever you like - I hope your heaven is made up of lambswool clouds for you to suckle on, lots of vegemite toast & that your beautiful big eyes have let you see again so you can see while you are running confidently and free from pain.

We will all be together again - one day
Love you my Gorgeous Baby Girl.
Mum, Dad, Tyson xxxxx
BRAT - Bonnie Rob Ange Tyson...... 4 ever!!
Ezri ( Wonder Cat ) Jan 2001 - 15th of April 2012

"I'm so thankfull of the time we have shared together. Warm days on the back step, cold nights on the doona or at my feet. Snuggles on my shoulder and watching tv next to me.
I'm not sure how I will go on without you but I know you would wish me to be happy.
I promise to put you near your favourite kitty spot .. under the rosemary bush.

Shaun and I will love you always,
Mumma Teena and Dad Shaun"


Passed away peacefully in her sleep on 5th August 2012, aged 2.5 years

When the vet diagnosed you with lymphoma, we were crushed. Yet you never seem to let the cancer affect you. We remember you as our most adventurous rat - there was never a dull moment when we brought you out of the cage during playtime. Even on the night before you died, you were still happily running and jumping around the house.

Rest in peace, beautiful girl. We know how much you missed your buddy Kiko when she died, and we are sure that she was there to meet you as you crossed the Rainbow Bridge. You are now reunited and will be back to exploring places together and getting up to mischief again. Please send our love to her and know that you will both be forever in our hearts. Until we meet again xo

From mum, dad and your mates Yuri, Masey, Pixie and Henrietta




2/9/1997  -  31/7/2012


My boy, My friend,

I will never forget you, so many journeys we took.

Remember the hilodays, the beaches, our walks together,

Our warm hugs, I'll never forget.

Keep smiling My boy,

For we will meet again.

But until then, I'll see you in my dreams.

I love you.



        Sammy       Sept 1994  - – May 2012

How can I put into words what you meant to us

You were my best pet friend and companion of 17 years. You fought a courageous battle with illness right to the very end. I feel so lost without you and miss giving you cuddles, mum and I miss you in our lives and at home.

Thank you for giving us so much warmth, joy, affection, companionship and for your unconditional love. You will be loved always and remembered in our hearts forever.

Rest in peace 'mi Samito' xxooxxoo




Sasha (German Shepherd 11 years 10 months)


Left us 20th July 2012 after battling thyroid cancer, now at peace


We remember when you came to us, Xmas 2000, and what a magnificent present you proved to be. We bonded closely over the years and you were a much loved member of the family, “our girl”.


If there was anything we could have done to avoid that dreadful day, you know we would have done it. But now although we are heartbroken here and many tears have been shed, we know you are at peace over that rainbow bridge. You’re sniffing your favourite flowers, eating your favourite food and running like you always did as a young dog, the ailments of age have left you.


I write this with tears in my eyes and an aching heart, that won’t leave me, but I know it will get better as we remember only the good times we had with Sasha and the truly beautiful companion she was to both us.


We miss her terribly and she’ll be forever in our mind and heart.


Rest easy girl



Wayne & Liz






Lily Moir


A very special dog who will be sadly missed.

A pet stands by you in prosperity and in poverty, in health and in sickness. She will sleep on the cold ground, if only she may be near her master’s side. She will kiss the hand that has no food to offer, she will lick the wounds and sores that come in encounters with the roughness of the world. She guards the sleep of her master. When all other friends desert, she remains. She is as constant in her love as the sun in its journey through the heavens.The faithful dog asks no higher privilege than that of accompanying her to guard against danger, and when the last scene of all comes faithful and true even to death.





"Mylee" aka Mylish, Pugglewump, Myree.

Born 18.03.2005, Departed to Rainbow Bridge 13.05.2012

Take care of me when I get old; you too will grow old. Go
with me on difficult journeys. Never say: "I cannot bear to
watch" or "Let it happen in my absence." Everything
is easier for me if you are there, even my death.
Remember that I love you.

Words can not begin to explain how much you mean to us.
Not a day goes by that we do not think of you.
The most beauitful natured creature to have ever graced us with their presence.
We will miss the talking, snoring, footstamping and bacios forever.
We will never forget you and we know you will be with us everywhere life takes us
Mylee, you gave mummy the best seven years of her life
Rest in Peace our beautiful girl until we meet again
Love Mum, Dad and Beau xxx



Boady '' Swine '' Duffy         15/12/96  -  16/4/12

You were the best mate anyone could ever ask for.

We did everything together, Fishing, Swimming, Going away for the weekend or short car rides, gardening, long walks, playing with toys then eventually skins !

You loved to cuddle and snuggle under the doona.

Your affection and love was second to none.

You were one of a kind and can never be replaced.

You touched the hearts of everyone you met with your love, attitude, playful nature and kindness.

I'm going to miss you mate.

Gone but never forgotten.

Love always my little man.

Wayne xoxoxoxo









This was our gorgeous little King Charles Cavalier girl, Ella. She was welcoming, excited when family was around and always there for a warm cuddle. (Even a toasty bed or blanket!). She will be missed greatly from our family, as she was considered the 4th child. I hope she watches over us and gets spoiled in heaven.




10.3.2003 - 1.3.2012

Our little man Oscar. It's still so hard that you are not around when you were taken away from us so suddenly. You were a fighter and waited until mummy and daddy were there to say goodbye.

You will always be our little man and will always be in our hearts and with us in spirit. We miss you so much but are glad you are not in anymore pain.

We only had you for 2 years but you were part of the family. We will always love you. R.I.P our little man.

Love Mummy and Daddy xoxo




15 2 1999 – 9 3 2012




You were my little boy, and my best friend.

I feel so lost and lonely without you and I can’t cry enough tears.

You were so big and beautiful, so funny and clever.

You greeted me every day and lit up the room,

This world is a colder and sadder place without you.

I will never forget you – and never stop loving you,


God bless you my Angel Cat, may you rest in peace.


Until we meet again.


Mez xxxx

     "James Bond" (German Shepherd Dog - 9 years, 8 months): 1-09-2001 to 10-05-2011.   With heavy hearts; and a tear in our eyes after all these years; we must say goodbye.
Please understand; we've done all we could if there was anything we could do; you know we would.

The memories you gave us; we'll never forget especially the ones; of the day we all met.
Dream of that special day and time when we'll meet at the Bridge; and all will be fine.
We'll run and play; side by side with a soft warm feeling; deep down inside.

So with heavy hearts; and tears in our eyes just for now my friend; we say goodbye

Shelley L. Gordon, (Blackburn)
           In Loving Memory
Passed away 21st April 2012, aged 2 years 6 months
We found you abandoned - shut tight inside a shoe box next to the pet shop. The lost and frightened look you gave us when we opened the box touched us, and we decided there and then that we MUST bring you home. The moment you came through the door you warmed to us immediately. You had such pluck and you were an absolute delight to have around. We remember the way you would sit quitely on our shoulders and suddenly reach across and snatch any food we were eating; after which you would look at us innocently - we could never get angry with you! Your friendliness and intelligence has brought smiles to us and to many visiting children as you allowed them to give you as many cuddles as they liked.
There are just so many memories we shared together. Even in your final days as your body got weaker, you did your best to climb out of your cage so you could be near us. We miss you so very much - your soft fur, the way you would twitch your nose and the tiny squeaks of delight you'd make when it's play time or when we give you cuddles. We admire you for your protectiveness over your younger cage mates, and they too miss you dearly.
Thank you for all the love and affection you have given us over the last two years. Thank you for waiting for us to hold you and tell you how much we love you before going over the Rainbow Bridge. We are heartbroken that you are no longer with us, but we feel comforted knowing that the last thing you saw in your final hours was the faces of those who loved you dearly.
You will forever be in our hearts, dearest Kiko. It's hard to say goodbye, but we know that one day we'll be reunited. Until we meet again, beautiful girl.
From your loving family - papa, mama and beloved mates Miko and Yuri XXXX

To our Beautiful Bella,

25th May 1997 to 05th May 2012

Thank you for giving us so much love. Thank you for almost 15 years of treasured memories, you are now our beautiful angel in heaven, sleeping peacefully above the clouds. Our little princess will be loved forever and always in our hearts.

I will never forget the day I opened my birthday present on my 7th birthday and there you were! Little ball off fluff.. We miss you my gorgeous girl!

We hope you are at peace now, Love you always and forever.

Rest in Peace Bella



Mia (2006 – 2011)

The day we first met there was no looking back

You chose us to be your friends.

The warmth, joy, love and affection you brought to our home will never be forgotten.

Although so sudden, we know you held on to the end and this we thank you for.

You leave behind a mountain of very fond memories of the times we had together.

Deep in our hearts we miss you dearly Our Beautiful Mia.

Your Friends - Bernadette, Jean, Jackson, Maddie & Sox





Our darling Bennyboy we miss you so much, our hearts ache for you. You will never leave us..ever.


Mummy and Daddy.




5 August 2002 to 25 December 2011

9 ¼ Years


To our awesome little best black and white dude, you were seriously the coolest dog in the whole world and we miss so much already.


We are devastated that you were taken from us so suddenly, but find consolation in the fact that you are no longer in any pain and are hanging tough with Bob upstairs. You were such a little fighter right through to the end, we are so very proud of you.


Lil Bun Buns thank you for all the laughs and the memories, you really made each day so much better. Whether it be that welcoming bark to say hello, eating your food in lightning fast speed, using your brother as a climbing tool to escape the backyard or steal food, Booyembara adventures, cuddles on the couch, being the only dog to visit a casino inside a beanie in a backpack, holding the title of world’s greatest home security system and bed warmer and for being the best friend ever.


Bundy, you truly made an impression on everyone you met, especially your older brother Pucky and your housemate Leo who miss your sparkle around the hood so much.


Rock out little dude. You are one in a million. Give em hell up there. You will be missed and remembered forever.



Mum and Dad and Pucky

17 Jan 2012 xoxo




3/1/1999 – 16/2/2012,


13 years of happiness and joy, you were my best friend and my big baby boy. You were a brave boy right to the very end. Thank you for your unconditional love. I feel quite lost without you; you seemed to make my world go round. I miss giving you big cuddles. I hope they have unlimited food in heaven for you (koala bear). Jack has been howling for you, you were his partner in crime, his best friend and life companion.


You will be forever loved and missed,


Carissa, xxxx




On the 6 Feb 2012 I held my best pet friend, confidant and support of 17years Billy "Big Boy" and kissed him goodbye for the last time.

We were so lucky to have had experienced the unconditional love and loyalty he gave to us.

I miss my morning cuddles his comforting manner , our quiet chats ,long walks and the pitter patter of paws around the house.

Loved you much miss you heaps Billy RIP xxx





25/7/02 – 11/3/11

How can I put into words how much I miss my baby- Shani. It’s nearly 1 year since we had to put you asleep & I am sitting here crying whilst writing this. I miss and think about you daily.


We were together for nearly 9 years. For the last 9 months you fought a courageous battle against Lymphatic Cancer. Strangers couldn’t even tell you were going through Chemo – you coped so well (which made it so much harder when the drugs weren’t helping any more).


You were my protector and then the protector of my baby son –now 4 ½ and he still talks about “his” Shani. We both still go out at night & look for the brightest star in the sky – knowing it is you looking down on us and say good night to our best friend.


When ever I felt upset or scared a cuddle & kiss from my fur baby always made me feel better.


You live on in our hearts forever, puppy…


Love Katrina, Cody & Ryan



  The Best Place To Bury A Dog.   There is one best place to bury a dog. If you bury him in this spot, He will come to you over the grim, dim frontier of death, and down the well remembered path, and to your side again. And though you call a dozen living dogs to heel, they shall not growl at him, nor resent his coming for he belongs there. People may scoff at you, who see no lightest blade of grass bent by his footfall, who hear no whimper, people who may never really have had a dog. Smile at them, for you shall know something that is hidden from them, and which is well worth the knowing. The one best place to bury a good dog is in the heart of his master. -Ben Hur Lampman     Fluke and Sasha followed each other closely to heaven. We will meet you there.          

24/11/1998 - 10/11/2011
In loving memory of Maddie, you were a part of our family for 13 years you brought us much happiness and gave unconditional love.
For ever in our hearts.
Jenny, Carly Ashlea and Stan.
         Timozel Alexander P Mog 

"Puss Wuss."

We miss you. We miss hearing your bell tinkle; we miss hearing you purr while you curled up on Daddy's lap. We miss the way you had different ways of saying, Mum and Dad we miss you at dinner time, we miss seeing you sleeping by the window in the afternoon sun, we miss cuddles and "rubs on the tummah- we miss you, kitten. So much.

You were a champion mouser, a music lover, my handsome boy and Daddy's best mate.


You were one rockin cat.


Love always,

Mum and Dad x



My Dearest Miss Kitty.

Suddenly you were gone and a void that I never imagined is with me. You were such a part of my life, the cuddles, the crankiness, the genuine love you showed me. Your 12 years with me hold some of the most beautiful moments and I will remember you fondly in my heart forever.  I miss so much your climbing up next to me for a cuddle and purring away and just watching you peacefully slumber in the sunshine. May you rest in peace my beautiful girl. I love and miss you so much.  Rohan. xxxxx




Passed Away 03/06/2010 @ approx 22years old

Our darling "Moo Bird", it has been a year since you left us, we think of you every day and remember all the special things that you were to us and the happiness that you brought to our lives. You made us laugh every day with all your antics, your obsession with cheese and cashew nuts, chewing paper, snuggles on the couch, your favourite place to sun yourself in the kitchen window are just a few of your many funny habits. You were small in stature but so big in personality, I still swear to this day that you were a human trapped in a birds body!! You were our first baby and as our second baby grew it was so special to have you lay on my tummy and bond with him but such a shame that you never got to meet him as you boys would have been great mates!!

We will love and remember you forever, Elisa, Riaan & Lenny xxxxx



In dedication to our beautiful much loved girl Cloey, who is forever in our hearts.

13.3.95 - 11.1.10




11 October 2002 – 11 April 2011


Our darling baby, it really was too soon for you to cross the Rainbow Bridge because you had so much love to give.  Our lives are certainly empty without you and there are many you met in your short life who will dearly miss you.

From the first day we met you on that farm out the back of Westbury, you touched our hearts and brought so much happiness and joy to us and everyone around us.  We look back at the times that our granddaughter Eden carried you around sometimes in an almost stranglehold because there was not much difference in size; but you did not complain.  And the way our son Justin playfully teased you to which you pretended to threaten a vicious response but had no intention of attack.

Your devotion to us was unswerving which in a selfish way makes your passing so much more difficult to comes to terms with; the magic memories will endure even though time may overcome the grief.  Go with God, little one, until we meet again


Tasha 15/06/94 -14/04/11

My beautiful girl, Tasha.

I still have cannot believe you are gone
after so long together. I remember how you kept me company on the drive when I moved to Melbourne to live. I miss your cry & stare when eating. for me to share my food with you. I just miss everything about you. Hope you are happy at Rainbow Bridge & you are with your best mate, Lawson again.

Will never forget you.



Beautiful Nanuk,

An amazing journey we had, our best and beautiful friend.

Thank you for your unconditional love, your wisdom, your patience, for showing us life is a sacred journey.

Thank you for enriching our lives Nanuk, we will love and remember you always sweet Zunti.



We found you in the window, our life forever changed
And now that you have left us, the house is empty and quite strange
No more romps around the loungeroom, no more howling at the phone
No more staring at us having tea, just waiting for the bone
We miss your excited wiggle, when you greet us at the door
But not the high pitched barking, like we’d never heard before !!
We failed big time at puppy school, it really wasn’t fun
The instructor he would call you and right past him you would run
You loved the sound of piano, always sitting by me near
And every neighbourhood cat must of lived their life in fear
You were quite the little terror, when a stranger rapped the door
The poor old pizza driver, always knew what was in store
You were a sneakly little bugger, as cunning as a fox
Away you’d go and dash off quick, and with you take our socks
And then there was the tug of war, determined you must win
And as much as we would growl at you, inside we had to grin
There’s no more playing monsters or burrows  in the rug
Before you’d cart it down the hall and tuck in nice and snug
No more sleeping in the study where you’d laze around and snore
Until I’d have to kick you out and quickly shut the door
But we love you heaps our little mate, we’re glad we shared our time
Rest in peace dear little buddy, you’ll be forever on our mind



TY (1997-2009)

There comes to us but once in life
a friend as special as TY.
And now his time with us is over.
An ache remains forever in our hearts

With deep sadness we say goodbye
with great affection we will remember






Feb 1995 – Dec 2010

Our darling Tess,

You loved your long walks in the morning but they got shorter as you got older.

You loved your home cooked meals, your “num nums” (Smackos), sitting in front of the heater,

and sunbaking behind the BBQ.

You will be missed by all of us but you will always live in our hearts.




A dedication to Misty
Our little princess, you were apart of our family for 16 amazing years. You Misty girl have been there through all the happy times and the sad times and no matter what the occasion you always managed to warm out hearts with your cuddles and waggily tail. You bought so much light in to our lives and although you are now with pops in heaven, your light is shinning brighter than ever. Thank you for all the memories, smiles and cuddles you have given us over the years! I know that we will see your shinning face once again!
We love you Misty!

Always Loved, Never Forgotten

23.10.1994 - 27.12.2010

Love Daddy, Mummy, Crystal, Chrisy, Cammy, Shadow and the rest of your loving family. 



TAYTU  [Wibbelstatz Taytu]


Born 8th May 2001.  Died 4th January 2011.


In loving memory of our beloved ‘Tates’.

A true friend who gave us so much pleasure fitting into our lives and

enjoying to the full her days in Wellington, Melbourne and especially Mahau.  


Our number one pet who will remain in our thoughts forever.


Brigette, Sally and David



MONTY (1998-2010)

Monty, you were a wonderful soul. You had so much love to give that you literally could not get enough pats and cuddles from people or give enough head rubs to everyone around you (including Charlie!). Monty, you brought unconditional love, joy and companionship to my life during some very challenging personal experiences and difficult years. You will never be forgotten and will be greatly missed by me, Carly and Charlie. I love you Mont!

Michelle (mummy)

               In Loving memory   Ollie   11.5.1999 - 28.11.2010     Our precious " little Ol " - our hearts are broken. It was so quick we didn't see it coming  but we couldn't bear to see you in so much pain. Who will jump on the couch and throw all the cushions on the floor now, you cheeky boy? There will never be "SofieOllie" again, you were half of the whole and Sofie is lost without her little brother.   We had 11 and a half years of your love, so many cuddles and so many laughs. Rest in peace my baby boy.  We will love you and miss you forever,  our little teddy bear.   Mummy (Jil) Daddy (Chris) Tessa, Kellie and Sof.

MONTY 28-09-1999  TO  08-10-2010 




This picture was taken 6 days before Monty passed away, little did I know 2 days later he would get so sick and so very quickly over the next 4 days! And we would have to make the most painful decision, and have to have him put to sleep.


My little companion passed away from Cancer, it was very sudden, one minute he looked and acted as though nothing was wrong, a normal 11 year old dog, who would still bounce around, ate normally, but, would tire because of his age, and the next not very well at all, off his food and very lethargic and not wanting to bother about anything, we took him to the vet and after discussions and scans, we were told he had cancer ! I couldn’t believe it ! My poor baby ! The news cut through me like a knife ! Even the vet said he didn’t have long, I felt so guilty, my poor baby was so sick and I had no idea all that was going on inside him, he acted like he had always done! Playful and happy, and then WHAM! The bombshell my little Monty had Cancer!!!  The decision I had to make broke my heart, but I didn’t want my baby boy to be suffering or be in any pain, he was always a happy dog and to see him miserable like that was heart breaking. We couldn’t stay, we said our good byes and later that day 8th October 2010 at 4 pm he was asleep……… My husband and son went back to the vets to collect him in his own basket; he was all wrapped up with his name and a paw print on the cover. We covered him in his blanket and then buried him with his favourite toys in his favourite play ground, his back garden.


Monty would love to play with his toys pushing them off the decking and running after them himself, a little game he loved to play on his own, very cleaver dog keeping himself amused with this game.

He would also love to dry himself on his towels on his chair out side after a lovely bath especially after his hair had been cut! It was so funny to watch him play this game of his.

He would say morning to me as I let him out with a wagging tail, and bouncing with happiness to welcome us home after work, or after coming home from the shops.

He would keep me company in an afternoon or weekend when the rest of the family was out at work or with friends.

He would welcome visitors! (Not something we would advertise as he was so friendly!) He’d greeted the rest of my family, cousins, Aunt and Uncle to my boys, in the same way as he greeted us with a wagging tail and a bounce in his step…

He would bark at everyone who passed by the fence even his little dog friends! He would run up and down the garden telling them “Hi: or “Keep out this is my garden!” he would bark at the wind and the leaves in the autumn! Let’s face it he just loved to bark! As all dogs do….

He loved to join in playing with the boys in the back garden, especially if there was a ball in the game!

Monty has been a big part of our family life and we are going to miss him terribly.

I miss Monty very much its going to take some time before we all get over our loss.


 Miss you my lovely Monty XXX

    Jasmine "Our Special Little Angel " 13/12/95 - 13/8/10   The day you came into our lives you were so tiny, so precious and so eager to love us. The love you gave was so unconditional and so intense, I always knew we had a special bond. From our kisses and cuddles, to just a little look you would give with a gentle caress to my face, daddy and I knew you were special. The last 14 and a half years have gone by so fast and there is not a moment that goes by that we are not thinking of you and missing your beautiful little face. Rest in peace our "Little Parcel ". Till we meet again.   All our Love, Mummy and Daddy Cody, Kaasha and Milly. ( Our other Fur Babies ) oooooxxxxx
              Forever resting in peace....   13/03/2005 - 28/06/2010   My dearest Tuckey .   You have filled me with so much joy & happiness in the last 5 years & thats why its so hard for me to say goodbye, you are my girl, my little bear.   I watched & cried as your mum gave birth to you... & i watched & cried as i said goodbye to you... You werent like any other cat & i know you loved me as much as i loved you. I always told you that it would be me & you forever, us against the still will be...   You touched everyones heart with your cute little face & sweet little belly. God you bless you my angel. I will always think, love & miss you....   Love Taryn

In memory of Mambo 1996 - 2010

I will miss you my funny little pooch, here you are on your last beach holiday - happy as a Bush Turkey!

You will be missed by many and always be my number one boy xox



1/1/200 - 16/7/2010

My darling Lillipus.  You were taken too soon, I know you were not ready.  The house is not the same without you.  I miss you so much, we keep hearing your footfalls and chinking of your collar still. I keep thinking I see you in the shadows. I miss your soft fur, our kisses and cuddles, and stroking your head and warm ears with you curled up on me every evening.  You gave me so much in the 10 years we were together.  My special little girl, there will be a warm lap here for you always. Enjoy your journey to Rainbow Bridge, we will be together again there one day. Until then, I will always love you my darling little girl.


In Loving Memory of  


08.07.1997 – 21.02.2010

You were the tiniest puppy of the litter having to be revived at birth and also born with no eyesight.

What a little fighter you were, but when I first cuddled you, my heart melted and I knew then that we would become inseparable.

You gave me Unconditional Love, Trust, Loyalty and Friendship.

When you left me my heart broke but I know that one day we will be together again forever.

I Love You ‘Snoopa’




8th March 1993- 5th May 2101

Dear Bronnie you were our Faithful Companion for eleven years, then
when my Dear Wife went You looked after me for the next six years..
Now You are with Joan and I know that She is giving You plenty of
"Tummies". Hopefully soon I will be with You Both and we three will
be One again..
Bob aka Fred.


In Loving Memory of Gladys       2-Jul-97 - 15-Jan-10

You came to live with us at 4 years of age and for the next 9 years you showed us nothing but devotion and unconditional love.  We were so lucky to have you as part of our family.  We miss the way you curled up with Buzz when he was sick and how you use to squeal with delight when we took you for walks, but most of all we just miss you!  Although our hearts are broken with your sudden departure we know we will meet you again at Rainbow Bridge.  Until then our darling little fur baby.

Karyn, Michael & Buzz



To our beautiful baby girl,  our Prada ,

We still cant beileve that you are actually gone pradii, it just doesnt feel real. and its hurts so much for us to realise you are.

we still wait for you to come running up the hall way or trying to sneak outside when we weren't looking or trying to drink out of our glass'.

you were and forever will be the most gorgeous little cat with such a beautiful personality. you were not like any other, you were/are our baby. I am only sorry that we couldnt be there with you in your final moments, i was at work and it was just too hard for daddy to see you in such pain. your daddy is having a hard time forgiving himself for not noticing you were let outside before he left for work.he loves you soo soo much & we miss you dearly and so does your brother Dior. we will always love you more than anything and cherish every memory of you forever. you can never be replaced or forgotten. And we can never forget your cheekiness. we will still visit you as often as possible so dont worry bubz. We miss you soo soo much, but its only bye for now and we will see you on the otherside my little angel.

Love aimee & gavin (aka mummy and daddy)

Dior your (brother) Crystal (aka nanna)and BB (aka aunty)

LOve forever and always

our beautiful, our only, our baby,   our Prada. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Rest in Peace Angel.
1-1-09~14-1-10 aged 1

{snake bite} 

        Odysseus Hammer   AKA - Odyss AKA - Slick 10/95-10/09 The best friend I ever had.  He kept all my secrets.  He asked me no Questions.   I told him no lies. God- I miss you, Odyss.

Frank Hammer

Cosi      31/1/95 - 19/9/09

We were a family of three, and saying goodbye to you broke our hearts.
From a piggy-nosed pup with overly large ears to the magnificent adult
you grew into, you gave us joy over 14+ years. We'll always remember
you running like the wind with a big smile on your face just loving

Now we are two, but you'll be with us in spirit always.

Carolyn & Stuart


Leo         ( 25.1.1994 to 26.11.2009)

You have grown up among our family, have got to know each one of us intimately and vice versa. To everybody, you were a gentle soul with a welcoming wagging tail always ( and a ball to throw at our feet) . We had wished you could be with us longer even though the bad signs have appeared for quite some time and despite our efforts to make them disappear. From now on you will not have to suffer any pain, do continue to enjoy your next journey with our blessings and good wishes. We are certain we would meet again one day.

Your loving family Mum, Dad, Lisa, Tony, Michael.


To my best friend… The Unforgettable Jeddah. 


Our hearts broke the day you had to leave. 


I miss my beautiful and bubbly girl so much!  I miss our cuddles, my perfect little shadow, your happy bum shaking and sleep talking, our car rides (lips flapping in the breeze) but most of all I miss your precious face and unconditional love


You really did show people how to love, laugh and live every moment and everyone could learn something from a perfect little soul like yours.  There simply isn’t enough words for my larger than life Jeddah.


All our love forever and ever, Your mum, dad and Kimbah xoxoxo 


                                    Tooshie Long


My best friend…


·        I so loved the way you were you were in the mornings

·        The way you loved your liver treats

·        The way you conned POP for more Smackos

·        The way you met me when I came home

·        The way you took the whole bed ( Cheeky you ! )

·        The way you followed me everywhere like a  shadow

·        Best of all…

·        The way you sat next to me to watch UK TV!




My friend I miss you so much and I want to thank you for the many years of love and friendship that you have given me. You were the best friend in the world !



RIP Tooshie – Aged 17 years young 1992-2009



Love your Daddy Allan xx

          Tinka 21/12/1993 - 24/09/09   My darling Tinka. When you went to Rainbow Bridge part of my heart went with you. I will miss the loud purrs of pleasure when we cuddled,I will miss your soft fur, But my darling I will Not miss the pain you were in. Now you are free. Thank you for 14 years of happiness you gave to me. You were really a very special Cat. Lots of loving purrs Mummy XXXXX CATS LEAVE PAW PRINTS ON YOUR HEART.  

Dana Dealey/Willard

19th November 1997 to 31st May 2009.

We lost our beautiful girl to cancer at 11 1/2 years old and we miss her so much it's unbearable. We love you Dana and life just isn't the same without you.

From the moment you picked us at the pound, you were such a larger than life personality and we are honoured to have had you in our lives for 7 1/2 years. 7 1/2 years of love, devotion, fun and adventures.

Our hearts are broken Dana girl. We were such a team, the four of us. We will never forget you. We know you are painfree and at peace at Rainbow Bridge with all our other furkids gone before you.

Liz, Chris and Scully  x x x x



TESS – 1999-2009


The day your golden heart stop beating,

Was the day ours broke in two.

Such a gentle little Princess

So independent all the time

Even through your illness you

Still made people smile.

Your little brother Rusty,

Can’t understand why

his big sister left and went to

heaven without one last goodbye

Thank you for the memories we have

The love you gave and joy your brought

To our lives.

Rest in Peace Little Princess




From the first moment that I made the call to the pound & saved you from an untimely end & then went and collected you, having known your previous owner but having only seen you in the ‘black of night’ you gave me such a shock because you were a “German Shepherd” the only breed of dog that I had ever been attacked by as a youngster.


You just jumped into my car & the lovely lady at the pound said that you certainly knew & trusted me, she was right, after that you never wanted to leave me; you were like my shadow always by my side. 

You have been my heart, soul & my air ever since, your beautiful, gentle nature and intelligence never failed to impress me.


Your calming influence and unconditional love is something that you taught me! 

You will always be my ‘big hairy bear’ and I will miss you dearly for the rest of my life, you are irreplaceable.


Always remember that your mummy loves you and that I am no longer scared of German Shepherds. 

The goat is also missing his best friend, and Max is missing his back up.




Jenni & Anthony (aka) Mummy & Daddy



Alfred Winston Barker

"My boy with the enormous heart and wise eyes
Much loved for many years and always
Thank you for those lovely times and now the lovely memories
Till we meet again"

Love from mummy


Doughboy Moka (24th May 2000 – 21st March 2009)

You taught us about obedience, loyalty, love, happiness and never disappointed us.   You were always there – like an angel watching and guiding us each day.  Then suddenly, you were tragically taken away from us.

Today like every other day, we are so thankful to have shared our lives with you.  The void in our lives is so dark and deep.   Rest in peace our baby.  We love and miss you dearly. 

Love mum, dad, your brothers, sisters and those who love you dearly.


In Loving Memory of Jasper

Thank you for finding your way into our lives

You were an unexpected joy and delight

Asked so little, unconditionally gave so much

And taught us heaps ... just by being YOU


Thank you for trusting us to be your friends

And encouraging us to open our hearts to you

Such a happy, loving, gentle-mannered little chap

We wonder why you couldn’t stay longer?


Sleep peacefully, little Wolf-Cat

Play safely and be happy with new friends

Know that you are dearly, dearly loved

And very sadly missed in this world


With love always

Zrenrah and Thelma

Your furry companions, Byron & Sophie

(and some very nice people who never got to know you)

Our Beautiful Girl Kiira – April 1995 – 02.02.09


Beautiful, kind, gentle, independent, funny, serene, spirited and strong. 


Our darling girl you were all these things for all of your life.  When Oscar left us suddenly last year, you knew how much we needed you.  You became our rock, the one we clung to and you pulled us through our heartache.  You endured so much in the last few months but as always, you never complained – you just took it in your stride because you loved life so much.  Never a cross word for anyone - you loved dogs, cats, birds, flowers and especially people.  And no-one could ever resist those beautiful brown eyes and your friendly smile!


Big Lady, Stinchy, Special K – you gave us life, love…everything and you will be in our hearts, our thoughts and our memories forever.


We are at peace knowing that you are once again with your best friend and our baby boy Oscar.


We love you bubba

Lots of cuddles, kisses & treats


Mum & Dad



Jabba Maharishi Mystic Yogi

Jabba and a possible love interest from Canberra by the name of Molly.



      BONNIE     In memory of my darling Scottie Bonnie. You were so good so faithful, not always cuddly, but very sweet and a bit bossy, typical Scot! We miss you, our caravan holidays will never be the same without you, you loved being away with us, bye my sweet scottie we  will never forget you Marg and Dave            
   LISA "Our Little Betty Boop"

Born 26/9/2006

Passed Away 24/1/2009 (Snake Bite)

Our baby girl you have brought so much happiness to our lives, we never thought the day would come so soon that we would have to say goodbye, but to our regret it has and we have been left with a huge hole in our hearts.

Lisa we always thought you would be safe in your own backyard as you & your sister have been for many years, if given the chance we would have done everything to save you.

You were such a sweet natured dog, always happy with only simple needs, we miss taking you swimming, playing games with your favourite rope toys and seeing you waiting for us at the gate.

Until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge, have fun and live your new life to the fullest.We will love and miss you always "Betty Boop"


Mum & Dad (Georgie and Jason) & your Furry Siblings (Suzie, Jasper & Audrey)xxxxx




21st June 1994– 4th February 2009


As you go over the rainbow bridge

Be happy, run free and play.

Meeting Chin Chin, Trixie,Wuffles, Munchkin,

Sharlee and Duke on the way.

Just remember if you look down at me,

Don’t worry about the tears you might see.

I’m thinking of you and the times that we had

All the good, not the bad.

So just relax, enjoy and play.

Till we meet again one day.


My darling boy

I love you always


               -  Mum


Debbie Carbery


Grandma & Mai Lei,

Aunty Wendy, Saffie & Persia,

Aunty Margaret, Leia & Kasper

and Uncle Shayne.

  We thought our beautiful boy COSMO would be with us so much longer than he was,but was he cruelly taken from us far too early, when we found you it felt like our hearts had been ripped out, we thank-you Cosmo, our gentle loving boy for bringing so much joy into our lives, we never thought that we would be forced to say good-bye so early, our hearts are broken and the gap you leave behind is unfillable. To the dog world you were a star but to us Cosmo you were our best friend, our tears have not stopped flowing (our little buddah boy) and perhaps may never, but until we meet again REST IN PEACE COSMO, Forever in our hearts and always in our thoughts our Beloved COSMO. You were like no other. Love you COSSIE this place wont be the same without you.
Your Loving Family
Pete, Mary , Tori and Jake
Our Dear Little Polly   You gave us 15 years of your unconditional love and l can't think of you with out crying, my heart is breaking, we miss you every day.  On January the 18th 2009 we had to let you go to stop your pain.  To others you were a dog but to us you were our little girl who was short, hairy, walk on all fours and doesn't speak clearly, but we understood you and loved you.  We will never forget you our little princess, Love Mummy, Eleasha & Scott xxx    
Kay Anderson

Cascru Lacey – 20th April 1996 – 24th December 2008


Thank you Lace Lace for bringing so much joy in our world, we never thought the day would come when we would have to say goodbye, but it has and our hearts are broken.  We miss you terribly and will never forget you.

 Forever in our hearts and memories.

 Rest in Peace dear girl. 

 Until we meet again.

Love you forever your dad (Vance), mum (Nicole), daughter Paris and all your sisters both human and animal – Alexandra, Charlotte, Madeline and Chynna and Mia (the cats) xxxxx


An Ode to Jessie


There once was a dog called Jessie

An animal smart as can be

She gave such joy to everyone

And was loved so much by Leigh


For fifteen years and eighty days

Our lives together entwined

Oh faithful friend and confidant

I reckon she could read my mind


The time had come to say goodbye

I’d promised she’d not suffer

The gap she leaves behind is huge

For she was like no other


Time will pass as it does for sure

The tears they will diminish

But the memory of Jessie The Dog

Will be with us till the finish


  Thank you for having been her friend. And thank you for being mine.



Elvis ‘Our Little Jolly’


Born January 26th 1996

Died January 2nd   2009


Our beautiful little Jolly, you gave us so much joy, laughter & happiness. Such an intelligent and friendly little boy. I still remember the first day I picked you from Brandon Park Pet’s Paradise, and brought you home. You were our first little baby and we got to do so many things together.. walks, park, beach, rye, bunnings, blockbuster..  We will never forget you.  I’m so happy we had almost 13 years with you.

RIP Elvis ‘Little Jolly’

Everything in heaven is beautiful, no more sickness, you can eat all the food you want, pee everywhere and play all day.  

We will all remember you and always love you.

Peter & Tania (Dad & Mum) & your entire extended family


                 TORI   THE BEST 21st PRESENT IN THE WORLD   To my Soulmate (Tori Egan), my special smiley lil' girl, with the amazing character, loved by all. You were the very best and are truely, dearly missed.....   Your Loyalty, Devotion, Intelligence, Relsilience and Loving Tenderness always shone thru, even in turbulent times, my lil' Rock, I thank you always for this. You meant the world to me,  I was so lucky to have you by my side.  You were my special diamond girl and stole my heart and mind, and will always have it. I really miss our walks/play times and affectionate cuddles/snuggles, your over-excitation towards life was inspirational, Thanks girl. You gave so much, and expected so little, without ever complaining. We shared so many good times, which i will aways Treasure.   I love you always my special girl and look foward to the day we can play together forever, happy and healthy in the big kingdom in the sky (Rainbow Bridge), with your Mum, and Dukeyboy. Please be free and happy girl....   Until we meet again my SupaSmoochyMoo.                                                  with Loving kindness always                                                                                 Dean, Daz, Duke and all the family.    

Pisty (AKA Mac)


November 1997 – December 2008


So suddenly and so unexpected, you came into our lives, we just wanted to leave food at the animal shelter but came home with you as well. You can blame my nephew for the name Pisty, he could never say Pest which you were as a kitten, and he called you Pist, so it stuck.


So suddenly and so unexpected you now leave us to join you step brother Chester he is waiting at the rainbow bridge for you, he must have really needed your company and love, I can see the two of you now playing in the fields, waiting for all of our family to be reunited.


You were large in life, had an amazing personality, you were gentle and sweet natured and always ready to have a chat to Gran on the telephone, every one who met you loved you, and that love will never go. You step brother Buddah looks for you, your dog brothers Gizmo and Barney miss you, your Dads miss you deeply, until we meet again sweet dreams my boy.


Rex Kiley: 

30th of March 1996 – 13th of December 2008

My beautiful boy, from the first moment I laid eyes on you I knew you were special, my love for you will last forever, you will always be in my heart, I will never forget your devotion, loyalty and the love you gave me.

You fought a hard battle against cancer and I am so proud of you.

Rex you were there for me no matter what, if you could only understand how much you will be missed.

The love you also gave to Erika and Aaron I thank you.

Love you forever my boy, one day we shall go on our walks together again until such time RIP.

Special thank you to Ian and Julie for bringing you into this world.

Love Dad, Erika and Aaron







23/09/2000 to 30/11/2008




Meeru & Shekhar








In loving memory of JACK

Thank you Jackfor giving us your love, companionshipand loyalty for the passed 9 nearly 10 years. We have had good times. One of jacks favorite places was Fingal Beach. We were rarely parted. It is difficult to say goodbye but it is our hope that one day we will be reunited again. Having you in our family was a privilege and a delight. Goodbye Jack we love you and will never forget you


Gary & Vivienne




Born : 12/11/2003

Died: 03/12/2008

 *My dear  Happy! we love you and miss you so much for ever!  You’re naughty  but  obedience boy!

Be happy in heaven! Where  you never feel hurt, pain and suffer  … Remember to seat and shake hand for everytime people  giving you snacks, breads and a lot of things … Love you ! Your Mom and Dad

*Farewell Happy…. Wherever  you are we will not forget you and never forget the memories that we shared. It is sad that you have gone  but still, be HAPPY as you are, take care yourself,goodluck, live up on your next life,try to avoid any problems that will face you. You always be remebered in our heart… J

Your brothers

Steven and David


Sept 1995 ? Oct 2008

5 weeks have passed since I had to let you feels like an eternity.
I miss you everyday. I miss your pitta patter that was right behind me everywhere
I went. I miss your big brown eyes, smile and whole body wagging when I walked
in the door......You were my most special poochie...
The girls miss you too, but they know you are all better in doggy heaven.

I will be forever greatful for the companionship you gave me, always there
when I needed you. We crossed a lot of bridges together with your health
and my life, but we have one more to cross together...wait for me.

Forever in my heart, your mum xxxx


On 7th November 2008, Bubbles our beautiful dog passed away.


Bubbles was in our lives for 15 years, since she was a puppy bought home from the pet shop.


We loved her and will miss her forever. 

Forever in our hearts Until we see you again


Regina, Scott, John, Mum & Dad


    Our beloved Dozer ,   He may have looked like a dog but he never knew it. He was one of our 'kids' and our best mate. His greatest joy was his daily walk and just being with us, no matter what, he was always there. He was the bestest listener. Our family loved him so much and the emptiness we feel since hes gone is almost unbearable and we will always miss him.   Thank you Dozer for the 4 years and 8 months that we were honoured to have you as our 'mate', we will never ever forget you.    


1997 - 2008


Our much loved friend and Buddy was so very special to us for over 11 years.
We will miss him patrolling his domain and his gorgeous little tail wagging
in the sheer joy of being with us. Josh will always be King of the castle
here and his sisters Chloe and Molly are missing him terribly as are we.

We love you Josh and you will always be in our hearts, till we meet again Buddy. 

 Love Mum & Dad.


October 1996 - September 2008

My boy, this is the toughest thing I have had to write. I remember picking
you out at 4 weeks and waiting for the time I could come back and get you
and bring you into my life and now I have had to say good bye as you start
the next part of your journey, running free no more pills and no more pain.

All your family will miss you, Daddy Jason, Your Brother Buddah, Your Step
Brother Pisty, your dog brothers Gizmo and Barney, but most of all me.
Always in my heart, and forever with us all. Sweet dreams Fessy.



My beautiful girl, Kirra went over Rainbow Bridge this morning, she can run free of pain, and chase those bubbles she loved sooooo much. My friend, i know you will walk with me everyday never leaving my side, my loyal and trusting girl.

Peace to you.xxxxxxxx your loving mum, forever.

Hollie    1993 - 16/8/2008

Ever since we picked you from the animal shelter you have been my best friend. You moved out of home with me, raised my family with me and were always there when I needed a hug. You had a special personality, unlike no other with your 'tail chasing' and one floppy ear- you always seemed to have a cheeky grin. I wish I knew when I left for work that day that you would soon be gone- there is so much I would have said. You were taken to soon and I never got to say goodbye. I'll miss you forever, my friend, you will always be in our heart - Gillian, Steve, Caitlyn, Alana and Liam Martonyi


1999 – 2008


From the moment we saw you,

We knew you were the one


We welcomed you into our family,

You became our son


God had sent you to us, bringing peace and love to our hearts,

But now God swiftly takes you back, its time for us to part


So I say to you farewell my friend,

You have brought us so much joy


We’ll meet again, for this I am sure,

our dear sweet Rumzey – boy.




Mummy and Daddy, Brandi and Oscar

Grandma and Grandpa


We miss you.

Scruffy - October 1992 - 21 July 2008

You were the raggedy little dumped puppy who came into our lives so
unexpectedly. Your nuggety little character won everyone's heart and you
became my special boy after your accident and big operation to get you
walking again at 18 months. You grew with our family and shared so many
family events and outings with us. You became more precious with the
passing years and your devotion to us all was gentle and consistent.
There are so many memories dear little friend.
I miss you Scruffy, your doggy smell, your wiry messy fur and your wet
nose against my knee asking for a pat.

Goodbye little mate - Anne, Laurie, Laura, Michael, Cassy.


04.02.91- 26.04.08


For all those who have had to make the heartbreaking decision to let a much loved family member go, we hope you will find peace and comfort in these beautiful words as we have.






You’re giving me a special gift, so sorrowfully endowed,

And through these last few cherished days, your courage makes me proud,

For really love is knowing, when your best friend is in pain

And understanding earthly acts will only be in vain.


So looking deep into your eyes, beyond, into your soul,

I see in you the magic, that will once more make me whole.

The courage that you possess is why I look to you today,

To do this thing that must be done, for it’s the only way.


That strength is why I’ve followed you, and chose you as my best friend

And why I’ve loved you all these years, my partner till the end.

Please understand just what this gift, you’re giving means to me,

It gives me back the strength I’ve lost, and all my dignity.


You take a stand on my behalf, for that is what best friends do,

And know that what you do is right, for I believe it to.

So one last time, I breathe your scent, and through your hands I feel,

The courage that’s within you, to grant me this appeal.


Cut the ties that hold me here, dear friend, and let me run,

Once more strong and steady, my pain and struggle done.

And don’t despair my passing, for I won’t be far away,

Forever here, within your heart, and memory I will stay.


I’ll be there watching you, your ever faithful friend,

And in your memories I will become youthful once again.



Forever in our Hearts,

Eddie, Narelle, Chaskah, Mahdi and Phoebe


You was our very special boy. You bought so much love and joy into our lives.  You always had a special smile and cuddle for us no matter what.  You left us so quickly, and we are glad to hav had the time to say  goodbye. You were one in a million. We will never forget you. You have left a big hole in our family and hearts. You are with your Mum Roxy (see below) now. Together forever. Till we meet again, love you and miss you.

James (dad) Sylvia (mum) Spiteri. 
Ben and Brooke, Chris and Carly  and your Little mate Rocky. xxxxxx


Roxy - 8/2/95 - 29/1/06.

You were our little girl for eleven years. You gave us so much joy and love. We all loved you and still love and miss you very much. You have left a big hole in our family. Thank you for giving us Diesel (above) who is still with us and reminds us of you so much. You will always be in our hearts Little Girl. XX 


Bobby 27/01/1993 - 27/05/2008

Bobby , you were our first baby before the three boys were born and what a wonderful addition to our family you have been. For fifteen years you gave us your unconditional love. We have so many wonderful memories to treasure that on the night we said good bye the boys wanted to make a list of all of the things they loved and remembered about you so that they would never forget what a wonderful boy you were. I will miss seeing you at the front window when I come up the driveway and you looking at me with those beautiful brown eyes that were so full of love. You were my boy. You tried so hard and never complained. We love you Bobby and will treasure our memories of you. Forever in our hearts.

Your loving family, Nicole, Peter, Shane, Steven and Brandon and Pa and Nanny -XXXXXXXXXX-

     Sam - 7 December 1990 to 3 April 2008.

Our cherished little boy passed away peacefully at the grand age of 17. We miss you dearly sweetheart especially your bossiness, your enthusiasm and your beautiful smile. You were our sociable little boy and endearoured yourself to everyone you met. We miss taking you out for lunch and shopping and wish you could have stayed with us forever. We are taking good care of your cherished possessions and trust that you will be there to meet us when it is our turn to cross over. You are always in our hearts Sam.

Love always

Jennifer, Marie and Alastair

17th October 1994- 6th June 2007

12 months has passed since our beautiful girl left us and crossed the rainbow bridge. Not a day goes by where we dont think about the unconditional love you gave us. You fought so hard to stay with us but in the end it was time for you to let go and rest peacefully. We love you so much Loz. You will remain in our thoughts and hearts forever.

Love today and always, Mum, Coco and your new sister Humbug xoxoxo

Mikey 1992-2008 16 years.

“If I could be like Mike”, I always said those words when we would play and run around the house chasing each other. You came into my life 16 years ago, we travelled the state together and you were always by my side your distinctive tail with a kink and your vocals made you Mike. Words cannot describe the pain I’m feeling from your passing but I know it was your time, you tried so hard to beat your illness but it was never to be. You are with Foofy & Lenny I could only imagine how much fun you are all having together once again. You have crossed the Rainbow Bridge and I will look at you every nite and know you are with me in my heart forever until we meet again.



Fredi the Ferret Born on the 21st of Jan Passed away on the 18th of may 2008.

Fredi was the best pet I have ever had, when I was sad or mad he would always cheer me up and make me happy. Even when I told him to go away when I was mad, he still came and bothered me.
When I needed some one to talk to I would hold him and talk to him and he would look into my eyes and it would look like he understood what I was saying to him. When I sleep in he would wake me up, when I was away from home he would miss me, he would sleep in my bed waiting for me to come back. Fredi loved his sleep and food he was the best thing that has happened to me. God I ask you please look after my Beautiful fredi and keep him safe and tell him that I miss him and I love him, and then he will never be forgotten.

Fredi Klimkewicz we all miss you in the house we miss you funny actions we just miss you and we will miss you.

Hope to see you soon Fredi I LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH xoxoxoxoxox <3
Kasey Goose Jones
24-12-1991 to 25-05-2007

My Baby and My Best Mate
Greatly loved and greatly missed

I will never forget your loyal companionship i'll always remember the fun times we had together,
memories of you will never fade, the cute, the silly, the naughty and lovable things that made you
flicking the magnets off the fridge, licking my chlorine covered hair after i came home from the pool,
unlocking the pantry door to get to your dry food, keeping me warm in the winter, drinking from the fish tank,
playing with the christmas decorations, sleeping in the bath tub in the summer, basking in the sun on the bathroom ledge on a warm day, waking me up at 3 in the morning to play, and no matter what i'll always cherish the times we had together.

you are one of a kind, a diamond in the rough,
i'll always love you,
karly xoxo
My best friend ‘ Sheba’ May 1993 to Sunday, 30th March 2008

My darling Sheba,
You came into our family on Saturday, 27th June 1993. You showed me how to love unconditionally. You were my little girl, my angel. The first time I saw you, I knew you and I would never stray apart. I shared my bed with you, even though you were such a little thing, you’d take up most of the room and greet me with kisses when I woke.
Whenever I was sad or felt alone, you always cheered me up, somehow. Seeing you and having you near me just made me smile. Most of all, when I laughed you would always laugh with me too. Leaving you with Mum and Dad and having to go to university in 1997 (2 hours away from home) broke my heart, but I knew you were in great hands when Dad took care of you while I was away. I would come home on holidays and every weekend - looking forward to coming home, knowing you would be the first thing I saw when I walked through the front door. You were always ready to greet me with a smile and loud cries of joy. Years went by, I left home, and I couldn’t take you away from Dad and the home you knew. He took such great care of you, treating you the way I would… our little princess, our little angel. With Dad’s love of sport, you would sit on his lap and watch anything sporty on the T.V. and hated watching anything else. I know you enjoyed that so much… Dad did too and it is something Dad will never forget.
As time went by and days grew old, we could see you age and fade. We did not want to see you go. Dad took great care of you, especially when you were getting sicker and sicker each day. You meant the world to Dad and me. My darling little girl, you were our life, our friend and our all. Thank you for the joy you brought into our hearts and home.
When you passed away, in my hands with Mum and Dad sitting by, you left a large hole in our hearts. We watched you leave us in this world to enter into the next.

You have crossed over that beautiful rainbow bridge now, my darling. We love you and miss you so much. We will never forget you.

Until we meet again my little girl.
Love Narelle xxx


Puffy 20 Nov 1995 - 19 Feb 2008


" A HAPPY and LOVING DOG! Loyal and faithful, with lots of love to give  both to people and other animals alike! You always  loved to go for  walks. You were the "vacuum cleaner" around the  house, always ready to  clean up any scraps of food that fell from the  table. Thanks for all the beautiful memories. We thank God  for all the times  shared together. We will miss you but will always love and remember you."



Our Gorgeous Boy Oscar – Sept 95 – 21.04.08

Being separated from you so suddenly and unexpectedly has left our hearts shattered, but we are thankful that you didn’t suffer and that we were with you when you fell asleep.  Love doesn’t even come close to describing what we felt for you bub. You were the most beautiful boy in the world  - gentle, loyal, funny and unbelievably smart.  We were blessed by the years we spent with you and we will love you forever – see you again at RainbowBridgeour Angel.

 Lots of cuddles, kisses & tennis balls

 Mum, Dad & Kiira xxxxxxxxxx




Belle 1996 - 19/01/08

Thank you for 12 years of unconditional love.  Thank you for all the walks that we shared.  Thank you for being at the front gate every time I left for work, and greeting me when I returned home.  I miss your waging tail in the mornings and your snores at nights.  Thank you for all the happy memories.

We miss you terribly since we had to say goodbye.  It still hurts to look at your toys, your bowl and your empty bed.  We hope you have met lots of other fur babies over at RainbowBridgeand you are having lots of fun.  Until we meet get again. Mummy loves you! xox

 Anna & Andrew - Mitcham 


    Booty - 1996 - 2007

Booty, my beautiful baby girl, my soulmate.

You are my life, I miss you so much. I miss the endless throwing of the tennis ball, cuddles, your love, and most of all YOU!  You licked my eyes as I cried, you knew what had to be done. I was the last person you saw as you shut your eyes.

When my time comes, I want you to be the first I see. Until then wait for me my beautiful friend."



1995 - 4th April 2008

After 13 years we were devastated to have to make the final decision and say goodbye to him,
but we couldn't let him go on. He has now passed over the Rainbow
Bridge and is playing with Dozer, Byrne and Jessie. Our son Chris is
coming down from Numurkah and we'll spread Bud's ashes up near the dam where he, Cliff and Tess used to sit and solve the problems of the world. We miss him dreadfully but know he'll be sitting up there watching us all.

    Tuppy - passed away Monday 24 Mar 2008. loved and loving companion of Nola for 14 years.
He was a real character, and gave much happiness.'


On the 9th of march my furbaby was given her wings. I miss you alot sweetie I wanted to post up the lyrics of the song I used to sing you :) so I pass the link on so that people can see for themselves.  I still sing to you my darling we miss you.
Mum and your Bro and Sis xoxox
Ps Your new little brother is here keeping us smiling and I tell him all the time about you he does some of the same things you used too and loves his squeaky mouse toys too

With light and love and many blessings!

      Waiting for picture


November 2001 - April 2008

Near enough to perfect, Hugo's only failing was the short life he lived. This wonderful, warm boy lived with his sister in our family for just over 6 years. Hugo was a stunning Great Dane, as strong as an ox and as fit as a bull. He was an endless joy to everyone that was lucky enough to spend time with him.  His soft, gentle, inquisitive nature was what you'd wish for in any dog you met. We loved him totally and will miss him terribly.



When we heard your life was cut short from a tumor on your beak you cant imagine how it impacted us. We first found you waddling along a footpath, who knew you would quickly become such a beloved member, part of the family. You loved to sing to 'Cueca' (Chilean folklore music) and nod your head to dance, you also loved to sing in general but your favourite was cueca. We are glad we could enjoy each others company and delighted you came into our lives. You showed us loved and companionship. Unfortunately the day came for us to part but you will forever be remembered and within our hearts. You are in a special place now free from pain and flying at the rainbow bridge with all the others pets. Love you forever, your family.




"Our sweet Phoebe went to heaven on 15 February 2008 aged 7 months. Thank you for bringing all the love and joy into our hearts and homes. You touched everyone's heart and we are all heartbroken. Phoebe was a bundle of energy, sweet, cuddly and was a real sweetheart. Those beautiful eyes spoke volumes when she looked at you. We miss you very much."






Chong -

You were my son, my friend, my family, and even though we did not get to spend much time together, you were just a timid and gentle soul who took our love and did the best you could with life. You touched not only my
heart, but the heart of my mother, who would feed you each night after you ran away. The way you would meow at her, acknowledging your presence when she called you at dinner time, made her feel loved and appreciated by you,
you became her child too. And when you died, I felt cheated because even though I wanted you back home with us (and I did try so many times to bring you home)... I did not want to have you this way. My darling, my child, I
know you will always be with us in spirit, and I know you are free of your pain.

I love you my sweet baby. Be free beyond the rainbow bridge and join the rest of your family before you. I will be there one day.

Teegan (mop) you will live on in my heart my little friend so true and memories of you will fill my mind until i go to you love mummy xo

My best friend 'Slash' June 1993 to November 19th 2007.
The first time I saw you in the shop window with all your white brothers and sisters I knew you were my best friend. I had your name picked out before I knew you were a girl but you didn't care you were as unique as your name. With the looks and attitude of a rock star, I named you after Guns & Roses guitarist. I was blessed to be your human for & 14 years you were my best friend. When I would come home you were always there with a cuddles and purrs.  If I had a bad day or was tired you always listened and never judged. You would sleep on my bed when I was not well and always made me feel better. You hatted being brushed and were the fussiest of eaters. You were in an add for Whiskas. When you were really happy you purred with a squeak!
Forever loved and dearly missed you rocked.

Jimi after 12 years together you had to leave us I hope for a better place and that one day we will be together again. We had so many special times, you were always there with cuddles, purrs and your unconditional love, those golden eyes were so knowing and loving. Having you in my life at times made it bearable when all else was falling apart, and humans were failing me, you gave me so much more than any human has in my life, the friendship and companionship cannot be measured in time. I ache to stroke your fur, to see your muffin face again, hear you snoring on the bed and sitting in your favourite spot in the front window. Only others that have loved their pet as I love you can understand the grief and loss, and I am so thankful you were in my life and we shared 12 wonderful years together. I am selfish in that I did not want it to end. I miss you bubby, Love Mum, Dad and Ned xxxxx 

Ferris went to play at the Rainbow Bridge on 9 January 2008, aged 6 years. Whilst I only knew you for an all too short time, having adopted you later in life, you brought joy to all those around you. Whether sleeping at home in the most perplexing positions to your high-level "legal work" at the office, you always inspired smiles. Your gentle and loving personality introduced many people to the wonders of pet ferrets. You were my loving friend during a difficult time, and was responsible for bringing new love into my life. It was my honour to be able to care for you during your last months, and to comfort you at the end. Whilst you will be sorely missed, I am glad that you now have your strength, energy and playfulness back at the Rainbow Bridge. Love Jeremy 

Kai - 1999 to 4/12/2007

Kai we got you from a shelter three years ago. You gave us so much love in that time we had you. You loved being with humans didn't like being around dogs! You follow us around and wouldn't let us out of site. You knew the time to be fed and time for your snacks. Also knew when we weren't well. You would just lie at our feet or on our bed. Our baby girl we will miss you and forever in our hearts. There will never be another dog like you! Peter & Michell. 

Our special beautiful Mittens - went to heaven on 12/12/07 - aged 16 years

You lit up our home and lives with your beautiful face which just melted our hearts. You were the warmth in our house, the flower in our garden and the best friend we could have asked for. We will miss your talking, snoring, seeing you drinking from your bucket and hearing your footsteps in the house. We miss you so much but one day we will be hugging you again when we meet in heaven. All our love and kisses to our little darling.
Love from Roubi, Kaz, Justin & Jarene xxxxoooo

Our beautiful Nahla - August 1996 - August 2007

You were with me through the good times and the bad, gave me comfort, laughs and love. Always happy to play to your adoring fans - you were beautiful and loved to hear it from every stranger that passed. :-) I miss our long walks, I miss the endless games with the tennis ball, I miss you pushing your head under my hand when it's time for a pat & I even miss you hiding under the bed during thunder. Everyone who met you liked you instantly, you are my wonderful girl - I miss you every day. 

Our beautiful cat "Indigo" passed on 14/07/07

We miss you very much "doop". You were with us such a short time, 8 years and 5 months. We are still puzzled why you left us but we know you are ok up there with your "Motley". Roger still hassles Louis for you. You will forever sit in your favorite spot at the window. We will love you forever.

Our beautiful girl "Holly" passed away on 19/11/07 aged 20 years

Holly, you will always be remembered in our hearts as one of the "dogs"? We miss your loud "meow" whenever we cook pasta or have a takeaway pizza. We know they were your favourite treats. We have placed a cross under the yellow rose tree, your domain, in the front garden. We all miss you terribly, especially the dogs and we will love you forever. We know you are okay now and your visit via a dream has confirmed this.
Love always Deborah, Justine, Mojo, Ruby and Lucy

Toto passed away 25 Nov 2007 aged 15 years

My little boy passed away in his sleep after having a pancreatic attack at the vet so suddenly. You were a Christmas present given to me in 1992 by mum. We grew up together. You gave me 15 great years. Your were my world and my life. You were such a happy energic boy and you left an impression on everyone you met. You were such an intelligent boy. And I love you and miss you dearly. I love you Pup-pill-le and you will always remain in my heart. We will meet again.

Love Amanda (your guardian), mum, Alfie & Moonie

Our Beloved Gypsy - 17/01/1995 - 1/11/2007

Gypsy passed away at the age of 12years 10 months. Gypsy you was our best friend and protector. We have so many happy memories of the good times and how loyal you were to us, You really were a beautiful soul, we were so very lucky to have had you in our life. Our hearts ache, our tears flow but we knew it was time to let you go. There is not a day that goes by that you aren't in our thoughts, We love and miss you Gypsy. Forever in our hearts. 

Our Beloved Jassie- passed away 15/10/2007.

Aged 14 years 5 months We miss you every minute of every day. I say goodnight to you but you don't wag your tail or happily speak to me. You were such a clever girl and had so many tricks, all our family & friends are so sad that you're no longer with us. We will never forget you..lots of love ..your family. 

Our little Burmese baby Jasper, Jan 1989 to 10th Oct 2007.

For nearly 19 years you stole people's hearts starting with mine when you marched up to the kid who didn't want another cat and sat on me with a 'Hey you, your mine' attitude. You stole Mary's heart too, as well as some staff at the Vets where you went to sleep for the last time. The flowers that you got from your regular vet are pretty.

We will love you always sweetie and hope that you're in a better place.

Our Beloved "Shona" aged 22 beautiful years. You went to sleep peacefully on 7th July, 2007 (07/07/07). A date we will always remember. The love and memories you have given us will be treasured forever. You were such a mentor and Mum to Snuffles and Scobie and they too miss you every day. You never once complained and you are in our thoughts every day. Sleep peacefully now "Old Girl" you have earned it. I am sure the lollies are flowing heavily up there now. Forever in our hearts. 


To My Special Friend Jonah

My Big gentle boy,
My protector and friend,
So strong, yet so sweet,
You were so loving to the end,
Now I lay you down to sleep,
As you wait for Heavens Doors,
My heart is broken,
But I know you are free,
You can go now,
But please visit me,
Although I miss you,
You will never be alone,
Now my baby boy,
Run free; be happy as you will always be my special Big Boy,
Together we'll walk one day side by side through Heavens Doors.

Forever In Our Hearts

Love Kathy(mum), Roxy(sister) & Oscar(brother)

This is  "Punky" our beloved Cocker spaniel as a puppy,You went to the arms of an angel on 6th August 2007 at 2.10pm. You gave us so muc unconditional love and the pain we now feel unbearable.Thankyou for 11 wonderful years you shared with us, the trips, the picnics, the walks where you would stop at every tree to make your mark. Your companionship ,wagging tail and love you gave every time  we looked in your eyes will forever live in our hearts.  Rest Peacefully Buddy Boy until we meet again. Jude, Kevin and Ashley   Langwarrin 

This is Jacob Stanton. He left this world on Friday the 13th July 2007.
It certainly was a black day for us. He lived a long life – one month short of 14 years – a long time for a boxer dog. To Paul and I, he was our boy. He loved to play fetch with his ball, go for walks, and loved the car even though he was asleep within minutes of being belted up in his seatbelt. He was always friendly and all who knew him loved him. Old age caught up with Jacob and we had to make that really hard decision to let him go with dignity and in peace. He now joins his bestest friend Jessica, who left us one year and two weeks ago. The house is now so quiet, cats toenails just don’t make the same sound on floorboards.

Our Beloved Tarsha – 14th July, 2007
Describing our love for you? How do we describe the pain in our hearts? You reached 16, a Blue Heeler Cocker X. Your love was unconditional. You brought us joy; laughter and we mourn your death with tears and pain. We held you in our arms as you drifted to sleep. Thank you for memories, so treasured. We will always love you, thank you for the years that you gave us and the life that we shared. “Tarshi” we will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge – waiting for the ‘cuddles’. All our love forever Jenny, Kayla, Rebecca, Eugene & Matt xxxxx


AMBER passed away on May 13th 2007, aged 10 years.
Our beautiful adorable Amber. After surviving cat flu as a kitten you introduced yourself to Millie by playing pat-paws under the door. You loved being brushed...endlessly, rolling around in front of a heating duct or lounging in the sun on a favourite cushion. The 'great indoors' was always preferred to the 'overrated outdoors'. You would always speak to us, and would come to fetch us to follow you on a tour of the house. We shared many meaningful and heartfelt conversations.  Having a fun and feisty nature, we enjoyed lots of games together, always knowing you would never scratch or bite us, a different matter however for the toy 'Hedgehog'. You were such a beautiful strong spirit that wanted to keep fighting on, even though your body couldn't keep fighting the cancer. You shared yourself with us and for that we are forever grateful. We miss you terribly. Danny & Kim

Our Precious Jess     August '99-May'07
You came into our lives when we were having some really hard time's, but from the moment I saw your sweet little face everything started to change. You gave us back a lot of what we'd lost and more. You comforted us, protected us, loved us, and even when you ran off with my shoes all I could do was smile as I looked into your big, beautiful eye's and told you what a special puppy you were. You gave us 8 wonderful years and we will always cherish those year's and you will never be forgotten because you will always be in our hearts and when the day comes we'll meet you at the Rainbow Bridge with arm's wide open and those treats you love so much. We love you and miss you so much big girl. All our love Tania and Michael xxxxxx 

Truffle – October 1993- May 6th 2007
Our gorgeous little girl Truffle we miss you so much and our hearts are aching that we could not keep you with us. You were my first pet and for 13 and a half years gave me pleasure, love and companionship that I can never repay you for.  You were a naughty torti with an attitude so much bigger than you were.  You were such a gentle girl though always playing with soft paws and never hurting anyone.  Craig loved you too and in the past few years you have followed him around, sometimes all day, just to be near him. Truff you were a brave girl with such a big heart and you tried so hard to be well for us.  It broke our hearts to let you go, but we love you so much we had to let you finally sleep in peace.  You live in our hearts forever Truff- Love Sharon and Craig


Most marvelous ferret Bryson, sadly departed 10 April 2007, aged 7 1/2 years.

From your mischievous childhood you were a treasure. Wherever you went, you brought love, smiles and laughter. You were always sleeping when we wanted to play, and playful when we wanted to sleep.  Your little ferret "angry dance" always made everyone laugh. You loved your schmackos, jerky and Whiskas milk, and your stealth at stealing and ferreting them away was remarkable. Lounging in your many beds, flying around Australia, digging at the beach,  playing in your tunnels, or walking through the streets (or being carried), and generally ferreting you enriched our life by your part in it. The joy you added to our lives is felt more sorely for the hole you have left in it by your sudden departure. Thank you for sharing your life with us, and blessing us with so many happy memories. You will always be our precious "little baby rat", much loved by all. Ali & Jemmy

 Ewok was my best friend and we found out that he had lund cancer. It had to be one of the hardest things I ever had to do and watch, But I loved him so much I did not want to see him suffer anymore so I gave him back to God. Im so glad for the time we had, and I miss him so much. The pain is like nothing that I have ever been thru. But I hope and pray that some day to be with him again. " Sept 16 1994 - Feb 5 2007 " IN GODS HANDS MY FRIEND.     

Lucy, passed away 21/1/07 of heart failure, aged 9 years.
Our darling little Luce, thankyou for the unconditional love and joy you brought to us for the nine years two months and one day you shared your life with us. We couldn't ask for a more loving companion, a happier face to see first thing in the morning or a sweeter sister for Sally. We treasure our memories of you, the little tricks and games you played, your amazing personality, your happiness at just being with us. If only there had been something we could've done to keep you with us longer but you never gave us a sign anything was wrong. We are so grateful you chose to leave us in your own time and spared us from having to make that heartbreaking decision. Until we can be together again, wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge with Sindy. We will love you forever. Mummy, Daddy and Sally XXXXXX 

Latoya xox (Torcilly, The Old Goat, Woomptiddily) 24.10.06
 I remember the first day I took you home & I remember the last day we spent together. The 16 years in between were filled with love and a friendship beyond words. Thankyou my baby girl for bringing me so many years of companionship, for a long time you were the little person I came home to, the one I sat and watched tv with, the one I shared my tears and smiles with and the one I danced with. You were my bestfriend and gave me a reason to be here when I didn't have anything to hold onto. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you.. I miss you my little fruit eating panda, thankyou for your unconditional love and for being such a wonderful part of my life and heart...Forever my baby girl xox 

Squid Schickerling  98- 6-3-2007Beautiful, loyal, gentle angel. I love you so much. You hid your cancer until the day you died, to save me the pain. You knew. You knew the night before when you made me take you for that private walk with smiles on our faces. We came home and you played with my baby girl, jumping and chasing the ball for ages. You were very sick the next day, I rushed you to the vet, you couldn’t walk, you were bleeding inside. You were operated on they removed your spleen, but the cancer had spread to far. You went to sleep after your operation to save you more pain. I tried to fix you baby. I wish I could have helped you before, but I know you didn’t want that. God I love you- you were my life boy. Your eyes watched over me, I will never forget. Tash.

Sandy 1/1/90 to 11/2/07
Sandy wandered (literally) into our lives at the beginning of 1991. What she lacked in the brain department, she made up with love, affection and a terrific personality.  She passed away very peacefully and with dignity at the ripe old age of 17.  We miss you heaps little Puppy Girl. Reunited with her old friend Toby at last.
Jenny, Geoff, Chloe & Sandy

Jess - passed away 23-1-07
Jess,My big beautiful baby girl. Its been five weeks and one day since you left and I just miss you more and more every day.I  miss your smile, I miss your waggy tail and I miss your eyes that said "I love you" every time they looked at me. You helped me through a lot baby and I thank you. At the end, you braved the pain with not a whimper - your strength was inspirational.You keep barking at those 'wuppy dogs' and chasing those 'wunny babbits' baby girl. I'll love you and miss you forever.
Mummy xxx. 

Dearest "Nicu", sadly passed away 24th January 2007, aged 12 and a half years.
A brave and loyal companion to the end, you were always only one step behind, and always a paw out ready for a cuddle.  You were the quietest dog ever (except when you were "singing" in the park on your walks...) but your beautiful heart left a lasting impression on all those you met.  The most gentle and genuine best friend one could wish for.  A beautiful boy who will be sadly missed and always remembered in our hearts.   Simone 

Lucy - Miss Piggy, little piggy wig wig, fatty boom boom.
Wandered into the backyard, a beaten, battered, brown dog in November 1999 that came for dinner and moved in.  She left this world a confident and vivacious trickster on the 14 November 2006. Diagnosed with a "lymphatic type" cancer, I was told 6 - 9 months.  We got 3 weeks. Lucy, a fabulous companion with a true sense of humour. The best, best friend.
Always performing a trick to ensure she was the centre of attention! Many people could initially be wary of this small, bull terrier type dog but she was capable of winning every heart - people who disliked dogs still loved Lucy. I struggle every day to live my life without her.    Rachel 

Archie  12/05/1992 – 11/10/2006
Thank you my beautiful boy for choosing me to spend your life with. You gave me so much unconditional love in those 14 ½ years. From Sydney to Melbourne we worked together, played together, partied together and travelled together. You were always at my side and I feel you always will be. Thank you for your friendship, loyalty, trust and protection. You have left me with so many wonderful memories which help me through each and every day. I know that wherever you are you will be well looked after and I look forward to the day when we are together again. You will always be in my thoughts my gorgeous boy. Be good Booboo and look after the house! Your loving mate and protector Jeffrey

Jenny Iacobaccio - Found Eternity 29th November 2006
The most loving, most loyal and most gentlest soul ever. How can we ever thank you enough for choosing us with which to share your life. Always the first to greet us with your pitter patter on the tiles and wagging tail that could clear a table in an instant, you taught us patience and tolerance always ready for the next adventure. Your love has changed all our lives in
a way that cannot be described, not one day passes without your presence being felt, we have many great memories but they are not enough, we miss you so much. Goodbye our dearest "Polar Bear" you'll never be forgotten, forever in our hearts..  Anita, Louise, Adrian, Connie & Vince.

Our beautiful little fur baby "Polly"

She was rescued from "SAVE A DOG SCHEME" 9 years ago, and has been a joy to our lives with her cute loving personality. She adored her mummy and was her shadow, she especially loved cuddles. She also loved to dob on her brothers and sisters if they got up to mischief. Sadly she died suddenly on 19th October 2006. Dear darling Polly we will meet again at Rainbow Bridge, never to be parted again.   Dilys & John Clarke. 

My precious Lily, 5 1/2 months old   (tragically passed away on the 3/1/07 )
Lily you were such a bundle of joy, words failed me to describe the happiness and wonderful moments you brought to our lives. You were a puppy but mature way beyond your age, you were so obedient but naughty occasionally only when daddy and mummy is not watching. You made us run around the park for ages and we were thrilled to watch you so full of life in such a tiny body. With your flip flop ears, yours cute paw paw, your sleepyhead face will always be in our memory. I miss you already, Lily, there is not one day that we do not think of you. We miss you heaps.   Hung & Val

 Freddy - passed away 23/1/07  aged 9 years
Freddy, you were a cat that was fit for a king, from the loyalty you displayed to the love and affection you showed. You have been apart of my life for 8 of your 9 years which I will never forget and sadly miss. From the times of meeting me down the street after school to hogging the driveway after work and for the lap that you always begged for on a cold winter's night. You always kept us entertained with your mischief and always proud with the comments from others. Such a big cat with a big heart. Thanks for always being there for me "Mate" We'll never forget ya! There will never be another Big Fred's. You are no longer in any pain and at piece in Gods hands in kitty cat heaven. Love from Brad. ( Dad.)

My Beloved Kira (30/9/1999 – 11/6/2004, 4.5 years old)  

When I walked, you walked with me, When I danced, you danced with me, When I talked, we had a conversation, When I sang, your eyes twinkled in excitement. Your cuddles were like chocolate, Warmly melting against me, Your spark brightened my day, You sure were my little Miss Sunshine, I miss you so much, baby. You were my best friend, I’ll think of you always In Heaven now, chasing butterflies. Thank you for being extraordinarily you, Thank you for all the joy and laughter, Thank you for the memories and THANK YOU for choosing me! So the world now knows, there'll never be another Kira, Sweetie.

Rosie - Sadly  passed away on the 11/11/06 at the age of 17.
Rosie, my dear companion has died aged seventeen. She was feisty and alert to the end. A wise and patient teacher, she taught me how to properly use a garden and the joy of early morning walks. We saw 5000 sunrises, played games before breakfast (she invented “Hide the ball behind a tree and watch Chris look for it”) and many, many beach walks. She taught me that lost balls and being late for work are nothing to worry about. Such was her love and quiet dignity that she had many friends. Rosie was a blessing. I mourn her passing.

Bear (27/09/97 – 09/12/06) Naomi & Jean-Marc’s beloved boy Our darling Bearsie! You put up such a fight but the cancer eventually won the battle. You were far more than just a ‘dog’ you were a ‘son’ and a best friend.  You gave unconditional love and you will never be forgotten. I made sure you had everything you could have wanted in life plus some. (Sleeping on our bed every night!) So many beautiful memories now so many tears, there is emptiness in our lives that will never be filled. No more pain baby boy, I know you are still looking down on us. Love always Mummy & Daddy 

Jesse Noronho    June 11th 1994- December 8th 2006
Jesse was a beautiful soul. He gave us so much love and happiness during the past 12.5 years and was a huge part of our lives. He looked after us, provided unconditional love and friendship and was our protector. He was an angel. He was so full of life, always getting up to something naughty, even in his last days. He would be there to greet you when you walked through the door and always put his head softly over your feet. He gave the warmest, most loving cuddles you could ever dream of, and had such beautiful deep brown eyes that would stare at you forever. There is not a day that goes by that we don’t think of our Jesse boy and will miss him more than words can describe. We were truly blessed to have him in our lives. We love you Jesse baby, we treasure our memories of you and you will stay in our heart forever.  Your loving family, Leonard, Lenny, Cherie, Adrian and Keshia xxxxx

Kimba…. 24 July 1986 – 29 October 2006 To our white lion…..20 years of unconditional love, you rapscallion. Stealing prime cuts of meat, leaping out from behind furniture because YOU thought it was funny, sliding on tiles after a mop, climbing curtains and puncturing the water bed mattress. 20 years of yelling "KIMBAAAA!"Your instructions were to live to 20 and you did as you were asked….for the first time in your charmed life. I told you as you were passing over how very lucky we were to have you in our lives for so long. From the children, Broderic; 12 (Thanks for the fur balls on my bed, Manky), Christian; 10 (Good morning mum..pat the magic cat!), Samantha April; 3 (I don’t want Kimba to be old!), surrogate mum Mary April; (You’re so cute, you’re so cute!!!), surrogate dad Stephen (Goodbye Cat) and mum Val; (KIMBAAAAA!!!…….YOU MANKY CAT!!!)
You will forever remain our Magic Cat. With love and copious tears fur face……xxxxxxxxx

Snoopy was born 8/5/01 and died 12/10/06
On Thursday 12th October 2006, Snoopy Morrison lost his battle with epilepsy. The Little Pig walked through our hearts for 5 years. Snoopy will be sadly missed by his brothers Milo and Charlie Smoosh-Cat, his dad John and myself, his mum Tracie. I would like to take this opportunity, not to grieve for our little Pig, but to celebrate his life. Piggy was all about fun and adventure. He lived for the slightest resemblance to the word "walkies" uttered in conversation, and had the ability to make it happen! Little bugger.Snoopy was the world's best snuggler, he only had to hear the word "cuddles" and he would soldier his way to your aid.
Even though it was only a short time that we walked with Piggy, it seemed like a million amazing lifetimes all rolled into one. Our Snoopy was truly one of a kind.

Poopley,   Jan '94-July '06
Poopley landed on our fence 12 1/2 years ago. Little did we know that you would quickly become such an important part of our family. You loved your bath and would soak everything around you. If we sat next to you while having lunch you would flick seed at us, I'm sure you thought we needed that extra bit of fibre in our diet. We never quite managed to peel the grapes fast enough for your liking. When you wanted to be covered up at night you would bang on your mirror until we got the message. The day you came it was stormy and so was the day you passed away. We miss you so very much and don't know how to fill the void. We will never forget you. Love William (the nest), Catherine (mum), Natalie (your girlie)& Sean (the lad). xoxoxoxoxoxox 

Char 11/10/1989    16 years 9 months
I saw you come into this world, starting with Cindy(11 1/2) your grandmother, who gave me miggie(12), who i also saw come into this world, miggie gave me you, to which was the start of a life long partnership, you gave me karra(7) again, i saw coming into my life, then karra gave me iska(7)who's still here, and then u had a gran-daughter, and then of course iska brought sasha to us(5)giving you a great gran daughter...Char gave me life long love, support, protection and courage, and the time i needed you most you where there, (after 4 months in hospital) your loving eyes showed it all, i will miss your loving kisses, hugs...etc you will be for ever in my heart. Sleep well, and we will be together again one day, with all our love..xxxx Robert, iska and sasha.

This is Jessica Stanton. She passed away on Friday 30 June. She was a daughter to us and a best friend to her buddy Jacob, for thirteen years. Unfortunately cancer took her quickly and suddenly, and she is sadly missed. She was so funny and affectionate, always ready for a cuddle or a play fight with her dad. Elisabeth our cat will now have to be content with terrorising our other cats, Duchess and Ishka.
We all Love you and miss you Jessie.     Paul and Maria.

Wunjo  “The Wonder Dog”  Dec 95’ – June 06’ 

To our very special boy, you have given us so much happiness and we will miss you dearly. Forever in our hearts.
Love your family Yvonne, Joe, Janna, Max and Zarni 

Jing Jing, passed away 17/5/06   aged 12 years

"A wonderful family friend of 12 years with a lot of unforgettable memories. Though we are physically separated for the time being are hearts will always be bounded."

Hamish, passed away 27/5/06  aged 6 years

Hamish was a true friend who can never be replaced, only remembered with love. Our fun loving, loyal, gentle giant will always stay in our hearts as the puppy whonever grew up.     Lynda, William & Connor 

Koko Millard, who passed away 26/6/06 aged 10 years

Koko was Sally and Mick's special girl who they loved so very much and are missing her every day.

Nelson - who passed away 28/6/06  aged 3 1/2 
Our family feels blessed to have met an angel named Nelson To us he was the best thing that could ever happen to us and we're left behind in disbelieve, deep grief and sorrow. All we can do now is cherish the memories of this unreplaceable friend, until we meet again. Darling Nelson, you left this life with us way too soon, but we promise we'll pass on the love you gave us.   
Bye for now, Your loving family
Chris, Jannine, Morrison, Sarah-anne and your buddy Freo 

Robby, 14 years old, Cairn Terrier, passed away 25/6/06

Our dearest Robby will be forever in our hearts and minds. Raise hell
Robby Belton. We love you rascal. Mindy misses you too.
Darren  & Sotiria

Bailey 26/5/1996 - 15/6/06

This is my beautiful boy Bailey who I had to let go of after 10 wonderful years because he had cancer.  It was the hardest thing I ever had to do but I knew I didn't want him to be sick anymore.  He was my best friend and I miss him terribly but I know he will never be forgotten. Nikki 

Pooch    Passed away 4 Feb 2006.
Six months have now passed since you left us and not a day has gone by that my thoughts have not drifted to you at some stage.  The tears have mostly dried up, but my memories of the last 10 years are as strong as ever.  I will love and miss you every day for the rest of my life.  Thank you for the remarkable contribution you made to my life and our family.  'Indelible footprints on our hearts' 

Stan, who passed away 17/6/06,  Aged 6 years

Stan's mum and dad Paul & Gayle miss Stan every day and loved him endlessly. He will forever be in their hearts. 

Minka 1.2.1991 - 27.5.2006. Minka, our dear wee girl, you were so loved & sadly missed and very much by Gypsy with who you shared everything. You were so much part of our family for so long and put up with so many additions to our family; temporary and permanent. There will never be another quite like you. Now that you are in doggy-heaven, I know you are looking down on our every move and wondering 'what next?'  Minka, we have another little furry baby here at home now, but NOT ever to replace you.  You will remain forever in our hearts. Sandra & Jessica.

 Our beloved girl Crystal, who passed away from cancer on 11/06/2006, she was 9 years old.

She was the most beautiful, funny, intelligent and loving dog. The gentleness and love she showed us, will stay with us forever. I miss her so much and still cannot believe she has gone.  Alana & Brian,
Melbourne Aust


I lost my darling best friend due to brain tumor. She died before her fifth birthday. She was my furry child, i loved her like a child. Nobody ever loved me the way she did. i miss her so terribly. My heart is totally broken. - Valerie Nagy    Calgary,Canada

Emmy Lou,  Fred and Pauline's beautiful girl who passed away 7/4/06 at age 13 years old.

Such a beautiful and brave member of this very close and loving family.
Emmy Lou is very much missed and will remain in Fred and Pauline's hearts forever. 

Miming 'Ming' Bagundol    13.03.04 - 10.05.06  
For 2 short and early years you have shown us the meaning of love and given us happiness into our lives. We were just newly weds when we had our little fur baby.  Ming was shy but a very brave boy. Most of all, he loved to play with he's younger brother Snowy. We would never forget he's meow first thing in the morning and we are very sad that he had passed away. We miss you very much and nobody could ever replace you in our hearts. Have fun and we will see you again someday ''We Promise''.  Your Loving Parents  Albee & Catherine Bagundol

Buffy     Aged 14 years  passed away 13/506   (17/12/91 to 13/5/06)

Dianne and Malcolm's little girl will never be far from their thoughts because she has a special place etched firmly and deeply in their hearts. Together they shared 14 and a half years creating wonderful memories together. She is very sadly missed by them both.     

Monty - Janine & Colin's beloved boy

This is our darling boy Monty who we loved so much.  He had to leave us on the 27th April 2006 after almost 10 wonderful years. We didn’t want to let him go yet we knew we must.…we cried as we watched his beautiful eyes close for the last time.  We can hardly bear the pain, he was such a big part of our life and he will live now forever in our hearts. Good bye Monty our wonderful best will never be forgotten. Janine & Colin

Agatha  (1990 - 2006)

For nearly 16 years you were my best friend.  You were my constant companion throughout those years and gave unconditional love always. I miss your warmth at the end of the bed and your happiness to see me whenever I came home.  We spoilt each other with love and I still miss you heaps.  You will never be forgotten or replaced and will be a part of me forever.    Love Cathy xx 

Peppi,  (1990 - 2006)
Nearly 16 years I got to spend with my best friend.  How many adventures we had full of fun & laughter.  We spoke without words, a language all of our own.  We felt one another's happiness & pain.  You are missed by many as you always left a lasting impression on those that you met.  You were my baby & my partner in crime and you will be in my heart forever.

Roxy - 8/2/95 - 29/1/06.

You were our little girl for eleven years. You gave us so much joy and love. We all loved you and still love and miss you very much. You have left a big hole in our family. Thank you for giving us Diesel who is still with us and reminds us of you so much. You will always be in our hearts Little Girl. XX 

Our Beloved Dog Keerah of 15 1/2 Years.
We miss the pitter patter of your paws running around the kitchen floor and having you greet us when we come home. The kids hope that you are in puppy land having fun playing ball and all your illnesses have cleared and you are well. We love you and miss you dearly and thank you for all the lovely years. You have been a fantastic family member and you will always be missed. You never forget your beloved first dog.

Ladder 1993-3/3/2006
You were always there to welcome us home with your loving eyes and a wagging tail, we miss the sounds of your footsteps and the fun we had when we played together. A loyal friend, you were a big part of our family and your memory will live with us forever. We miss you mate. Love from Jaycob, Ben, Nyssa, Pa, John and Kate.

Keisha (11/07/93 - 04/02/06).  You were a long-legged, over-sized Sheltie with a huge heart and gorgeous personality to match.  Inquisitive, loving, devoted and intelligent. you were an amazing friend, traveling companion and confidante.  Connor (your dad) and I miss you so very much, and wish that our time together could have been so much longer, but illness stole you away.  You are in my heart, my baby girl. forever.        

Sammy;Every one who knew you fell in love with you they all love the way you sing and get excited.You were the last to join our family and you made our lives complete.We were once told you were an old soul who had been here before.When you lost your best friend Benny you layed down and gave up your heart was broken to much to go on.Your family and medicine could not help you, we all hope you are both together again now, We love and miss you so much.

Benny - You loved everybody equally & unconditionally without exception your reward in your life in your eyes was the happiness you got in making everyone else happy.Your intelligence & determination were something to be hold & any human would be envious.Your friendship companionship & love is something that can never be replaced & the unbearable pain in the emptiness you leave will never abate.The love & happiness you gave to everyone you knew will only be equalled by the chasm of grief you leave in your passing.

Kims much loved cat Sasha who passed away on 31st Jan 2006 aged 18 � years old.

All you knew were comfort and unconditional love and good food. You were a Cool Cat and I will miss my �FRIEND� so much. You have been with me for half of my life but you will live in my heart and memories forever. Goodbye my Sasha, Goodbye my friend,I�ll see you at the Rainbow Bridge in the end.

Louise's much loved Jordan who peacefully passed away on
27th December 2005.
"Together we traveled many roads, shared highs and lows but always you were my "best dog". You gave me comfort when I was down and gave me laughs and good times for 18yrs. I will miss your banging tail, holes all over the yard and late night panting but most of all your presence and your company. You will be missed forever but the memories are always there. Thank you for letting me be a part of your long and happy life."

Lucy & Shaun's much loved Jesse who passed away on 9th December, 2005.

 "We were Jesse's 3rd owner, and we knew from the moment we got her, she was something special.She bought so much love and joy into our home.She will always be dearly loved, missed and never forgotten." 

David and Lara's little girl Ella  who suddenly passed away 9th November2005.

"Thank you for so much joy Ella.  You will always be loved and neverforgotten."

 Alev and Okan's much loved Pebbles who suddenly passed away 30th October 2005.

"Pebbles came into our lives as a dog and left us as something else. Losing her was devastating and we miss her very much. Pebbles is never far from our thoughts and we will always carry her in our hearts. "

Karins much loved Rottweiler Boris .
"Boris passed away on August 29th 2005 aged 8 years, after a year long battle with cancer . A beautiful soul, Boris was everyone's friend and is missed by all who knew him."

Jenny's much loved Lop Rabbit Wilbur .
Wilbur passed away suddenly on  7th October 2005 aged 3 years old. Wilbur was adored and very loved by Jenny and her daughter.

Jeff's much loved cat Mickey.

Mickey passed away on August 9th 2005 aged 6 years old.
"I could always find Mickey sitting up in his favourite place next to the book case looking over his domain. He was such a confident smoochmozer. I think of him so often and miss him heaps."
  Neat's  much loved baby Casey.
Casey passed away in September 2005 aged18 years old. 

"She was a tiny little gem, one in a million, and she will forever be in our hearts. You are missed and loved every day."