Below is a sample of my scatter tins and ash boxes available
to my Pets In Heaven ® clients for the return of their loved pets ashes.

Please note: the photos are only a guide as our
range changes from time to time. All pets ashes are carefully placed
into a plastic sealed bag and then into the vessel of your choice.

 Individual collection and individual cremation and Ashes returned to your home........


 SMALL        up to 10kg        $295

 MEDIUM     11 ~ 30kg         $345

 LARGE        31 ~ 45kg         $395




Ash Heart Pendants

These are NEW and exclusive to Pets In Heaven.

A small amount of your pets ashes are carefully placed between glass and fused together giving the most amazing effect. A beautiful heart pendant to wear with your own chain and have your fur baby always with you next to your heart.


available in blue or pink        $45.00



Key Ring Ash Lockets

A beautiful keepsake for your pets ash or fur            $35.00



Rainbow Crystal                NEW  !!

Holds a small amount of ash or fur and creates rainbows when in sunlight.  



Name Plaques


The Plaque is $35.00 for up to 15 words maximum.



Large or small Scatter tin


No Charge for these containers



Ash Tubes


These beautiful Ash Tubes can either be used for scattering the remains or as a beautiful keepsake.


Small size Dog or Cat Tube       $35

Medium size Dog                     $45

Large Size Dog                        $55



pewter Cat Urns

A Truly Beautiful Keepsake for your precious Feline companion, Available in Grey and Bronze.







Standard Wooden box



Small pet        $40

Medium pet    $50

Large pet        $60


 note : types of wood and style may vary


 Paw Print Ash Box

Hardwood ash box with inlay brass paws.

up to 35kg              $60



Hardwood photo frame

The photo size is 5" x 7" and can be landscape or portrait.

for up to 30kg               $155


 note : types of wood and style may vary


 Tall Hardwood Photo Urn


 The photo size is 6'' X 4'' Portrait

 No need to open this box to insert the photo simply

 just slide your picture into the front.

 Up to 35kg              $95.00



Painted Ash Box

These hand painted Ash boxes are available in just about any colour of your choice !

A truly individual and personalised keepsake for your fur baby.


Small Pet up to 10kg square Box    $60

Medium Pet up to 30kg Large Box  $90


Paw Print pots

These exclusive to only Pets In Heaven, they are made from wood and finished in either Black or Green. these Paw Print Pots are available for very small size pets up to 1kg and small sized pets up to 5kg.


Small pet        $45.00

Medium pet   $65.00

PLEASE NOTE :  Only Black Paw Pots are available



Paw Print Urns

This Traditional shaped urn is made from aluminium and the lid can be sealed if you wish. They hold all small / medium and Large sized pets ashes.


Small pet & Medium pet     $150

Large pet                             $170


NOTE : Paw styles may vary


Traditional Shaped Urn


The Traditional shaped urns are 6 inch tall.

Available in  pewter or Blue


Small Pet & Medium pet     $90



Large Traditional Shaped Urn

This traditional shaped urn is made of aluminium. This is the Largest urn and it is 23cm high. suitable for both Human and pet together.

Extra Large pet         $190


Phone Ian on 0402 466 988
Available 7 days a week